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Cultivate Your Thoughts

Thoughts. Ideas. We all have them. Usually we have too many to keep track of in our heads, so we write them down. All too often this is where we leave them, forgotten and alone.

What if you had some help in making sense of them all?

Introducing Coppice

Coppice lets you cultivate your thoughts, seeing the connections between them and helping them to grow.

Screen shot of Coppice, showing pages on a canvas. The pages are linked with arrows showing the connections between them

How does Coppice Work


The core of Coppice is the Canvas. Canvases are a place to visually organise your thoughts and view the connections between them.

Canvases grow as your thoughts do, expanding in all directions to fit them in.


Each thought is represented by a Page. These can contain text or images and be as big or as small as you like.

Pages can be added to multiple canvases, and even fill your window for when you want to focus on that one particular thought.


Thoughts don't live in isolation, and neither should Pages. Coppice allows you to add links to other Pages, to show the relationships betwen them.


When you combine Pages, Canvases, and Links, you can see your thoughts branching out. Clicking a link will show the relationship between those Pages on the Canvas.

Coppice has a great memory too. If you close a branch, Coppice will remember all the pages that were opened and how you arranged them, meaning that entire trains of thought are always just a click away.

Upgrade to Coppice Pro

Unlock all of Coppice's features for just $19.99 a year.

Unlimited Canvases

Remove all limits and create as many Canvases as your heart desires.


Have Coppice help you connect your thoughts by automatically linking pages for you.


Keep your pages organised in the sidebar with folders.

Improved Image Linking

Get more precision in your image links with oval and polygon hotspots.

Customise Canvas Appearance

Want to change things up? Choose themes and toggle page titles on your canvases.

With new features being added all the time…

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