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The Coppice Private Beta


For the best part of a year we have been at hard at work on Coppice, designing interfaces, building features, and fixing bugs. Over that time only a small handful of people have been able to try out Coppice and offer feedback on it. Now, we're happy to announce we're looking to expand that group with the Coppice Private Beta.

We're looking for people who would like to help us shape the initial release of Coppice and iron out any bugs we have missed. You can register your interest in the beta at the Coppice Private Beta page. Just enter your name and email you will be added to the waiting list. We will start selecting people to join the Coppice Beta soon.

Please note that Coppice requires a Mac running macOS 10.15 or higher, so make sure your machine can handle that before signing up.

We can't wait to get Coppice into the hands of more people and see what you think.