Coppice Release Notes


Released 20th Dec 2022


  • feature Multiple Links to a Page: You can now have multiple links going to the same page on a Canvas. Just hold the ⌘ key while opening a link to have it link to the same canvas
  • feature Canvas Link Highlighting: Hover over a link on a page or a canvas and see any related links highlighted
  • feature Delete Canvas Links: Remove links between pages on a canvas without removing the pages. Just select the canvas link and hit delete
  • feature Branches now restore relative to the linking page
  • feature Canvas Links now appear as a dashed line if the link they represent has been removed from the page
  • feature Added accessibility rotors for pages and links on a canvas
  • feature PRO: Link to existing pages by default. If you prefer having each page only appear once on a Canvas you can make this the default.
  • feature PRO: Create Canvas Links. You no longer need to create links before opening pages on a Canvas. Simply select some content on a page (or an existing link) and choose Canvas > Link to Page… to add a link between those two pages
  • bugfix Untitled pages now show their title in link inspector
  • bugfix Clicking empty space on an image page while editing hotspots now deselects rather than creating a hotspot
  • bugfix Canvas Zoom control now updates after zooming with a track pad


Released 23rd Oct 2022


  • bugfix Fix crash on macOS 13


Released 14th Jul 2022


  • bugfix Deleting a hotspot while on a Canvas now deletes the hotspot
  • bugfix Image auto-linking no longer switches image pages on Canvas to hotspot mode
  • bugfix Large images no longer prevent the app window from resizing


Released 9th May 2022


  • feature Image Editing: You can now crop and rotate images inside of Coppice. These are completely non-destructive so you can change your mind at any time.
  • feature Image Linking: Create hotspots over regions of images and assign links to them, letting you link from Image Pages to other locations
  • feature Image Searching: When searching through a document, Coppice now matches against text in the image
  • feature PRO: Coppice now scans images in your document for text and will automatically add a hotspot linking to matching pages
  • bugfix Canvas Themes now update immediately
  • bugfix Editing a Page Title on a Canvas is more reliable
  • bugfix Inspectors no longer animate in from the side when hiding and showing
  • bugfix Toggle Inspectors button no longer disables after hiding inspectors
  • bugfix Improved accessibility of Link inspector


Released 23rd Nov 2021


  • feature Link Inspector: A new Link Inspector lets you create, edit, and remove links to both pages and external URLs
  • feature Redesigned Page Selector: The Page Selector has been given a makeover to provide more information in a smaller space.
  • feature Create From Page Selector: On top of the re-design, you can now create Pages from the Page Selector. Simply type the title you want for the new Page and select the Page type from the "Create New…" section.
  • feature You can now drag documents from the Welcome View to make a copy
  • feature Added an "Edit Page" option when right clicking on a Canvas
  • feature Redesigned Coppice Pro preferences to make activated state clearer
  • feature Text Pages now support tables
  • feature Creating a folder no longer moves selection away from the current page
  • feature You can now duplicate pages, either by using the Duplicate Pages menu item or by hold option when dragging Pages in the sidebar
  • feature Holding the option key while a Page Selector is open now shows the folder a page is in
  • feature PRO: Exclude individual pages from auto-linking by unchecking the "Allows Auto-Linking" checkbox in the Page Info inspector
  • feature PRO: Configure canvases to always show page titles rather than only showing on hover.
  • bugfix Bigger/Smaller font menu items now work correctly
  • bugfix Changing a font's size no longer changes its weight
  • bugfix Applying bold/italic to fonts now works reliably with all font weights
  • bugfix Auto-linking no longer links a page to itself
  • bugfix Auto-linking now works with smart quotes
  • bugfix Creating a folder now correctly starts editing the title in the side bar (as it has always worked with pages)
  • bugfix Fixed issues with minimum window sizes. You should no longer be able to shrink a window to an unusable size
  • bugfix Ordered lists now start at the correct number
  • bugfix Lists now use the correct indentation, especially after indenting and unindenting items
  • bugfix Fix cell size in search results


Released 22nd Mar 2021


  • bugfix Jump to Page/Link to Page windows now scroll when using the arrow keys to change selection
  • bugfix Search sidebar no longer displays behind window controls on macOS Big Sur


Released 16th Feb 2021


  • feature Lists: You can now add lists to text pages, including bulleted lists, numbered lists, and even nested lists
  • feature Extra Formatting Options: The new Paragraph inspector gives support for adjusting line height and paragraph spacing in Text Pages
  • feature Export Canvas as Image: Canvases can now be exported as a JPEG image from the File menu
  • feature We have added some future proofing to the Coppice document format. For safety this means documents saved in 2021.1 will not open in older versions, but should reduce the times this situation occurs in future.
  • feature The help viewer now highlights support articles that are new in the current version of Coppice
  • bugfix You can now change text alignment without having to select the full paragraph
  • bugfix Fixed issue where undoing adding a Page to a Folder may cause further Folder operations to fail
  • bugfix Right clicking on a unselected item and choosing New Folder from Selection now correctly creates Folder using clicked item
  • bugfix Creating a new Folder from a selection that only contains Folders now actually creates a new Folder
  • bugfix Selecting a Page on a Canvas should now always bring it to the front
  • bugfix Editing an image description now correctly marks the document as edited
  • bugfix The Welcome window should now correctly appear on launch if no documents are open


Released 15th Dec 2020


  • bugfix Moving or resizing a Text Page on a zoomed out Canvas should no longer cause the width of the text to shrink until the app crashes
  • bugfix Moving or resizing pages on a zoom out Canvas should no longer result in that page being extremely blurry


Released 2nd Dec 2020


  • bugfix Fixed hang when editing the title of a Page that was removed from a Canvas
  • bugfix Initial update prompt now correctly shows the data that is sent if you opt into sending your system profile (previously it showed additional data that would not be sent)
  • bugfix Tour window now has correct title in Window menu
  • bugfix Tour now opens a document when clicking Get Started


Released 25th Nov 2020


  • Initial Release